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Where Imagination Meets Strategy, on Screen and Beyond.

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The Unconventional Agency

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About Us

CityFlitz Advertising, founded in 2008, transformed cars into mobile billboards, pioneering a $1/day car-sharing advertising model. This innovation spurred our growth into Universal Marketing Group, now operating in Toronto and Vienna. We specialize in developing compelling narratives for films, TV series, and digital campaigns, blending creative storytelling with strategic marketing. Our work stands out for its artistic approach and marketing effectiveness, consistently delivering impactful results.

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Unleash our creativity

We see the world through a different lense.

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We develop unique strategies for brands, blending goals across new and existing markets. Our expertise in film production and marketing helps startups navigate market entry. We craft compelling narratives that connect with diverse markets, focusing on effective storytelling and business strategies. Our methods are designed to create impact, balancing innovative vision with market insights.



Understanding human desires is key in both filmmaking and marketing, where each narrative and strategy is distinct. This process involves a deep understanding of human psychology to create connections. We focus on exploring the motivations behind human actions, building emotional bonds to enhance engagement, and integrating these insights into our creative process.



Our work focuses on creating meaningful experiences that reflect a brand's core values, aiming to enrich lives with purpose. We believe in forging connections to create value, crafting experiences that stand out through innovation. Utilizing technology across various platforms, from websites to mobile interactions and films, we ensure a brand's story remains consistent and impactful in every interaction.


We combine cinematic artistry with strategic marketing, viewing challenges as opportunities for innovation. We focus on creating cost-effective marketing strategies that transform customer experiences. Rejecting conventional methods, we innovate and reshape consumer engagement using data-driven insights. Our goal is to forge strong human connections through compelling brand narratives that open new avenues.

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Semedorato Beer

Brewed on the island of Sicily, surrounded by olive trees, vineyards, almond trees and pears, stands the Semedorato brewery.

Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle is renowned throughout the world for hosting extravagant parties with many of the world’s most interesting people and Highclere Castle Gin was created to celebrate the “true spirit” of Highclere.

Downton Abbey

The Official Downton Abbey Gin is expertly concocted using only the finest fresh botanicals and Harrogate Spring Water from North Yorkshire right in the heart of ‘Downton Abbey Country’. 

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Iron Maiden

TROOPER - a range of premium beers created by Iron Maiden.

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