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The Abnormal Marketing Company.

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About Us

If everyone says it can't be done, we sure find a way to do it.

Everything started in 2008 when we launched CityFlitz Advertising Inc. We had the novel idea to use iconic cars as mobile billboards in a public car-sharing program, our slogan: 1 Mini, 1 Day, 1 Buck. It became a massive success, our fleets of branded cars generated millions of impressions and disrupted the industry. Later, CityFlitz became Universal Marketing Group after we've decided to expand our business.

Universal Marketing Group is a creative arts and film production company based in Toronto and Vienna. Its focus is on producing innovative content that pushes the boundaries of conventional storytelling. Dedicated to delivering exceptional results for feature films, TV series, and digital marketing campaigns.

Abot Us
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Unleash our creativity

We see the world through a different lense.

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Every brand is different and requires a tailored approach. Goals are constantly moving and depend on markets, whether they are for a brand's home market or a new market. We understand entrepreneurship and startup projects, we guided many brands through the critical market-entry phase. We frequently integrate lean business concepts like boot-strapping and using minimal viable products for market-testing to create coherent and lucrative strategies for our clients.



In order to understand people you need to know what they really want, when and how they want it. There is no cookie-cutter approach in marketing, and definitely no one-size-fits-all solution. Marketing requires deep psychological understanding of human beings and how they relate with each other. Brand by brand, we find the underlying dynamic that affects human behaviour and how people engage emotionally, and this is what we channel into our creative process.



We develop emotional experiences that are meaningful, authentic, and the natural extension of a brand's identity, they need to create value for people and improve their lives. We believe that a truly memorable customer experience should be of a disruptive nature and exceed consumers' expectations. Whether it’s a website, mobile experience, or a motion picture, we use technology in a way that ensures a brand’s story is consistent and impactful at every touch point.


We believe everything is possible, we don't take no for an answer, we're breaking barriers and we're relentless in our pursuit of uncovering and creating the most inspiring yet affordable marketing actions for a meaningful customer journey.


We question the conventional ways of seeing, thinking and doing. We challenge everything, supported by data-driven insights to reimagine the emotional consumer experience. From this, we create work that brings growth to brands, carves out new opportunities — and most importantly builds lasting connections with people.

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Semedorato Beer

Brewed on the island of Sicily, surrounded by olive trees, vineyards, almond trees and pears, stands the Semedorato brewery.

Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle is renowned throughout the world for hosting extravagant parties with many of the world’s most interesting people and Highclere Castle Gin was created to celebrate the “true spirit” of Highclere.

Downton Abbey

The Official Downton Abbey Gin is expertly concocted using only the finest fresh botanicals and Harrogate Spring Water from North Yorkshire right in the heart of ‘Downton Abbey Country’. 

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Iron Maiden

TROOPER - a range of premium beers created by Iron Maiden.

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