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Where Imagination Meets Strategy, on Screen and Beyond.

The Unconventional Agency

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In 2008, CityFlitz Advertising Inc. ignited a revolution by transforming iconic cars into mobile billboards, redefining advertising with the mantra "1 Mini, 1 Day, 1 Buck." This audacious concept not only generated millions of impressions but also reshaped the advertising landscape. As the industry disruptor, we evolved into Universal Marketing Group, bridging creativity and strategy.

Headquartered in Toronto and Vienna, Universal Marketing Group is a powerhouse of innovation. We craft extraordinary narratives for feature films, TV series, and digital campaigns, pushing the boundaries of storytelling. Our legacy is one of relentless creativity and unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled results in both the cinematic and marketing realms. Welcome to a world where imagination knows no limits, and artistry meets strategy in perfect harmony.

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Unleash our creativity

We see the world through a different lense.

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In the space where creativity meets commerce, we compose bespoke symphonies for each unique brand, harmonizing objectives that span both familiar territories and uncharted markets. Rooted in film production artistry and marketing acumen, we navigate the entrepreneurial landscape, shepherding startups through the critical phase of market entry. Our expertise weaves lean business strategies with storytelling magic, crafting resonant narratives that thrive across markets. At the crossroads of vision and market-testing, we forge strategies that resonate, guided by the constellations of coherence and prosperity.



To fathom the human soul, one must unravel their true desires—discerning not only what, but when and how those desires take shape. In both the realms of filmmaking and marketing, the mold of uniformity shatters, for each narrative is uniquely woven, each strategy meticulously tailored. At the heart of marketing and cinematic artistry lies an intricate grasp of human psychology, of how souls intertwine in the tapestry of connection. Brand by brand, we delve into the currents that steer human actions, deciphering emotional bonds that kindle engagement, channeling these insights into the crucible of our creative journey.



Crafting emotional odysseys that resonate deeply, our creations are not mere products; they are genuine reflections of a brand's essence, enriching lives with purpose. Guided by the belief that value is born from connection, we weave experiences that transcend the ordinary, altering destinies with innovation. Whether it's the virtual world of websites, the dynamism of mobile interactions, or the tapestry of motion pictures, we wield technology as an artist wields a brush, ensuring the narrative of a brand remains steadfast and impactful across every encounter.


Embracing both cinematic artistry and strategic marketing, we stand united by a core belief: our canvas is a multitude of universes, where "no" is merely a starting point. With a fervent spirit, we dismantle barriers, ceaselessly charting a course to unearth and fashion the most evocative yet cost-effective marketing endeavors, igniting transformative customer journeys.


Conventional paths hold no sway in our paradigm. We are the architects of innovation, challenging norms and reshaping perspectives. Anchored in data-driven insights, we construct a citadel that redefines the emotional landscape of consumer engagement. Through this alchemy, we craft narratives that not only elevate brands but also carve out unexplored avenues, underpinned by the foundation of fostering indelible human connections.

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Semedorato Beer

Brewed on the island of Sicily, surrounded by olive trees, vineyards, almond trees and pears, stands the Semedorato brewery.

Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle is renowned throughout the world for hosting extravagant parties with many of the world’s most interesting people and Highclere Castle Gin was created to celebrate the “true spirit” of Highclere.

Downton Abbey

The Official Downton Abbey Gin is expertly concocted using only the finest fresh botanicals and Harrogate Spring Water from North Yorkshire right in the heart of ‘Downton Abbey Country’. 

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Iron Maiden

TROOPER - a range of premium beers created by Iron Maiden.

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